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Project ideas for gifted and talented students

project ideas for gifted and talented students

Giftedness is an intellectual ability significantly higher than average.
Use higher levels of questioning at various times for gifted students so they can provide fluent or elaborate explanations, learn to think abstractly, and are not able to get by with quick answers.
Hand in hand with this point, is allowing a student to test out of a course.There is little point in having student relearn what they already know.Accept gifted learners in your class, as they have individual needs for challenge and support.Most gifted students can master concepts in nearly half the time that it takes the average student.Just because gifted students quickly grasp the concepts and methods presented to them, does not mean that they don t need practice just like average students.Such students respond best to teachers who are highly intelligent, have cultural and intellectual interests, strive for excellence, are enthusiastic about talent, relate well to talented people and have broad general knowledge.Seek professional information from your state and national gifted education organizations such as the National Association for Gifted Children (nagc).Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

The more confidence that a gifted student receives in his or her ability to learn, the greater chances that students will use their gifts 21 year old birthday gift for female towards t).
In discovering the kind of teacher that gifted and talented students will best respond to, there is one major issue left to consider.
Gifted and talented learners are also motivated by using advanced technology for instruction and communication.Parenting for High Potential,.Gifted and talented students benefit greatly from high level, practical independent study projects.Enrichment clusters: A practical plan for real-world, student-driven learning.There is much debate, however, existing within America s own borders concerning the diagnosis of a gifted and talented student.Though high school does represent a shift in methods of educating students, it is still essential to keep in mind the needs of gifted and talented students.If they have a sound grasp of skills and content, provide opportunities to demonstrate proficiency (e.g., assign the most difficult problems first or allow completion of the end-of-chapter test in advance) and then move on to more complex concepts and skills (Winebrenner, 2002).

Lesson plans for gifted and talented students.
Additionally, not all teachers are prepared to support gifted students.