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Medi cal gifting strategies

The rule allows Medi-Cal to review your finances for asset transfers during the 30 month period prior to your application.
Myth #3: The at-home spouse of a nursing home resident receiving Long Term Care Medi-Cal can keep only 117,240 of additional assets.
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Can I make gifts after I enter the nursing home?Similarly, if the Medi-Cal eligibility limit is increased through a 3100 Court Petition or Administrative Fair Hearing procedure, the increased eligibility limit can be applied retroactively to cover the three months immediately preceding the month of Medi-Cal application.Exempt property includes the home, certain pension and retirement accounts, personal property, a motor vehicle, business property, and many other forms of assets.Other states have look-backs of 36 and 60 months, and calculate penalties very differently. Medi-Cal planning could potentially reduce or eliminate your share of cost co-payment and protect your assets from Medi-Cal estate recovery.If you failed to plan ahead though, and are suddenly faced with the need to qualify for benefits, an experienced attorney may still be able to protect some of your assets using last minute Medi-Cal planning strategies.

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Compliments of Our Law Firm, Written By: The American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys.
There are planning tools that can assure that there is little or no property that will be considered to be in the Medi-Cal recipients estate, therefore, no recovery.
There are many pitfalls for the unwary in attempting to qualify by gifting ones property.
Many are not even aware of the Medi-Cal program until they (or a loved one) are facing very expensive private pay rates for skilled nursing home care.The penalty is calculated on several variables, including the size of the specific gift. This Article will focus on Medi-Cal, the Medicaid program in California.Medi-Cal Look-Back Rules, there was a time when you could transfer assets at the point when you realized you needed to qualify for Medi-Cal without incurring sanctions.The csra and mmmna are determined by Medicaid and your state and will change each year.

Medi-Cal has strict regulations concerning asset transfers.
These rules are intended to ensure that a community spouse (a spouse that remains in the home) is not left without sufficient resources and income to support himself/herself.
Rounding up, your disqualification period would be 15 months.