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Discount formula in visual basic

I looked around and couldn't find anything.
One solution is to build a form similar to the one shown here.
Then, multiply the original price by the decimal: 80 *.2 16, so a 20 discount off of 80 gives you a savings of 16!
End Sub, protected Overrides Sub OnGotFocus(e As EventArgs) MyBase.
EventArgs) Handles ick 'Reset the form-clear textbox controls ear ear ear ear ear 'Set focus cus End Sub Exit Button: The keyword Me references the form. .I am in the process of creating a calculator for a school assignment.Only the following keystrokes are allowed: digits, operators - escape, enter, backspace, decimal separator, group best christmas gifts for tech guys separator.End Sub, the Interesting Part!This is an adaptation of the.EventArgs) Handles ick 'Exit application ose End Sub End Class. .Text.Length 0 Then If Operation String.Ok, so now we have a TextBox with a few addons, but it doesn't do much.OnKeyPress(e) When the user types anything, whether it is a valid keystroke or not, it will fire the OnKeyPress event.In this lesson, you'll learn how to calculate a 20 discount using two simple steps.The value from the regular price textbox is assigned to the variable with an assignment statement that uses the Parse method to convert the value to decimal. .Text String C2 Catch ex As Exception ow Error in price.

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The third block looks for the backspace key and the last one for the space key (and only if it is allowed through the SpaceOK variable).
The result is rounded to the nearest penny with the und method. .
Let's see how it works.Text) Case "-"c valCalculated valOriginal - rse(Me.The second block looks for a decimal or group separator but also checks if the decimal separator is already present, preventing it from being entered twice.Having a default value makes it obvious to the user what it is they should input.The, new sub ensures we put the, defaultValue into the TextBox upon creation (visible in design mode as well).Text) Select Case valOperator Case c valCalculated valOriginal * rse(Me.