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The story arc always culminates in a finale, in which the villains, after a long string of failures, suddenly get everything they need, and strategy to win pick 4 almost succeed with their plans until finally defeated.
For non-Spanish speakers, "j" is usually pronounced with "y" or "h" sounds - hence, "Yade" from El Toro and the real Paco.
The Tiger talisman may be effectively useless, but use of the Sheep causes you to drop into a coma in the middle of a fight.
The heroes usually follow a formula or running gag.
This happens at least once every episode and Jackie gives up telling Jade to stay out of trouble.Chew Toy : Jackie, though he's very, very good at dealing with.Jail Bake : Subverted when the Dark Hand get themselves sent to prison to find Xiao Fung's portal: it's the Warden's birthday cake, and ruining it gets Valmont sent to solitary.This didn't last, and Strikemaster Ice and his cronies later take up the mantle of being Drago's human-dragon hybrid henchmen instead.Not until the end of the next episode do the good guys turn the tables, and even then, it takes a few additional protagonists to.This is almost certainly due to the modern day characters imagining their ancestors as being just like themselves.I Just Want to Be Normal : Jackie.Tohru answers, "I've been told Section 13 serves donuts on Thursdays." British Royal Guards : Jade once tries to attract a Royal Guard's attention (being the nearest authority figure) to report the Magisters' attack, but fails.Bai Tza refuses, and Shendu points out that he technically kept his word by releasing all of his brothers and sistersthey never said anything about their having to stay free to reverse the spell.In the episode introducing the dragon talisman, Jackie entered a small volcanic cave.Affably Evil : Tarakudo is better liked by the human minions than the other Big Bads, as well as one of the more intelligent ones.

M-R Macguffin Delivery Service : Conversed and defied in Episode 3: Finn: Listen, new guy.
Conservation of Ninjutsu : For the sake of variety, the Shadowkhan would sometimes appear in small groups, and other times as a massive horde numbering in the hundreds, but the latter never seemed any more difficult to defeat than the former.
Although it often requires the help of some magical objects and spells.And Knowing Is Half the Battle cleve house discount : Well, if you want to know things about Jackie Chan, anyway, the real life version of which would answer kids' questions they had sent in, read by Stacie Chan, Jade's voice actress (and of absolutely no relationship.Jackie proves him a fraud by demonstrating his own cellphone and how it works, causing the Inuits to get very mad at Bailey.Brought Down to Badass : In the fourth season finale, Uncle uses a spell to revert Tarakudo back to his original form, which removes all his powers and has to rely solely on martial arts.Problem: she does not have a report.Most of the local mooks got scared off by the supernatural goings-on, and by the end of season 2, all of them are gone save for Finn, Ratso and Chow.Deadpan Snarker : Practically every character has snark potential, but especially Uncle and Jade.Living Toys : Gnomekop (once) and Super Moose (repeatedly) thanks to the Rat Talisman Look Behind You : During a truck-top fight, Jackie warns Finn of an oncoming tunnel.

That doesn't stop him from turning invisible, floating and using heat beam eyes.
Jade Stairs Are Faster : For getting into Section 13, the stairs are a quicker way inside than the phone-booth elevator as demonstrated by Captain Black and Jade.
Interchangeable Asian Cultures : Given the characters this trope is well averted, especially in the fourth season where it dealt with Uncle's unfamiliarity with Japanese lore, language and magic due to being a Chinese chi master.